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The Solid Agency is a boutique marketing and production company with 30 years experience working with influential tastemakers in the fields of music, film, art and philanthropy.

We cater to clients who share our passion for meaningfully engaging with an audience, and who are committed to enriching those interactions with authentic, creative and thought-provoking substance.

Whether through a 100,000 person music festival, a short film series or a VR activation, we are committed to helping our clients tell their stories in unforgettable new ways.


"We don’t just want to help you transform your brand, we want to help you transform the world through your brand.”


What Makes Us Solid

We’re a small firm with big ideas.  We don’t just want to help you transform your brand, we want to help you transform the world through your brand.  With every collaboration, we look to find ways of making a positive social, economic and environmental impact through the work. We believe that being a market leader starts with being a positively impactful global citizen.

In addition to serving clients, we also create original content, events and IP.  Not only does this serve as value-added for our clientele, but it allows us to market-test daring concepts and collaborate with a variety of creative innovators.

Finally, when you work with us, you get an extension of your own family. We’re a hands-on boutique agency, and we bring our full team collaborative approach to every campaign. At the end of the day, we’re building meaningful person-to-person relationships and -- most importantly -- having fun doing it.


Based in New York City, connected worldwide.


Our Story

We first met during the production of the 1996 Tibetan Freedom Concert in San Francisco.  Perry, then a publicist at Nasty Little Man, was running PR for the festival and Kurt was working for the Beastie Boys as “Minister of Information” (i.e. Marketing Director) for their charitable arm The Milarepa Fund.  In our own capacities, we were each tasked with making ‘Tibet’ a household name and cementing its place in 90’s youth culture.

In the years since, we’ve collaborated on many projects and campaigns which have given us the opportunity to develop the workflows and best practices that now serve as the bedrock of The Solid Agency.  With 30 years in the business, we’ve been fortunate to work some incredibly talented people -- several of whom have now joined us at Solid.

- Kurt & Perry, Founding Partners


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